Best Motorcycle Helmets Games Under $300

With more people using motorcycles daily, having a proper headgear is a must. Riders should consider getting the best motorcycle helmets if they will be using their motorcycles daily.

For maximum protection, a full faced helmet would be the best choice. It covers the whole head and has a chin and jaw protector as well. This is the perfect helmet for those who use their motorcycles everyday when going to work. A modular helmet is also good if want a helmet with a modern and sporty look on it but still provides great protection. It is considered as an evolution from of the full faced helmet with more features like vents, movable eye protectors while still having chin and jaw protectors.

However, the price will always be a deciding factor and some modern modular helmets are priced a little high due to its components and movable parts. Here are some of the best motorcycle helmets that will provide maximum protection but won’t break the bank.

Icon Alliance Dark

This helmet boasts of an aggressive look that will make you look like a serious motorcycle racer while offering good protection. It’s under the full faced helmet category so maximum protection is guaranteed. With a price of only $150, this is one of the “bang for the buck” full faced helmets available today.

HJC SyMax 3 Hi-Viz

When you are riding a motorcycle on a dark night, you should be visible to other motorist. The HJC SyMax 3 Hi-Viz’s neon color is very visible even in dark conditions.  However, this is considered to be a downgrade of its big brother (RPHA Max Modular). This falls under the modular helmet category. It’s a little expensive at $280 though but it still has some good features like its snug fit. This is the perfect type of helmet for the nocturnal rider.

Icon Airmada Stack Hi-Viz

Another Hi-Viz style helmet, this is also perfect for night-time riders. Using the name “Airmada,” this helmet has some great ventilation systems with it. Although this falls under the full faced category, it is still very comfortable to wear thanks to its switchable inlets in the font and extractors at the rear. Compared to the HJC SyMax 3 Hi-Viz, the Icon Airmada Stack Hi-Viz is reasonably priced at $260.

AGV Skyline

Probably one of the best motorcycle helmets which fall under the $300 mark, the AGV Skyline features carbon and fibreglass shell which makes it a little lighter compared to others. It also has a killer look which is hard to find on a full faced helmet. It also features an internal sun visor which is a big plus for its price range. However, it almost reaches the $300 mark at a price of $295.  Despite this, this helmet is definitely one of the most feature packed helmet from the list.

These helmets which are under $300 are affordable for the working motorcycle riders out there. If you want to have the best protection but do not want to spend too much, try these helmets and choose what fits your budget.